After accumulating multiple points, you are entitled to a cash refund or whatever the company offers in exchange for those points. It is important to note that at the time you receive this credit card, you can only use it to purchase car-related equipment. So you won’t be using it to pay other bills like utility bills or even hotel bills.Tires-Plus-Credit-Card

It is important to note that this card does not have an annual fee and has an outstanding interest rate. Also, this card is not affiliated with payment networks like Visa or MasterCard. Therefore, you can only use it in Tires Plus stores.

Pros of Using Tires Plus Credit Card

  • The Tires Plus credit card has an easy approval process as long as you have a fair credit history. You may have difficulty applying for this CFNA credit card if you have bad credit.
  • However, Tires Plus allows consumers with low credit scores to apply as long as they have the minimum recommended credit score of 600.


  • If your Tires Plus credit card application has been approved, you can use it to purchase new tires.
  • You can use your Tire Plus credit card at any Tire Plus store in the United States. In addition to purchasing additional tires, you can also take advantage of various services, including car repairs and roadside assistance. The latter requires you to pay in full with your credit card account.
  • Using a Tires Plus credit card makes it easy to pay for significant tire purchases and services. You can put together a financial plan to pay off your credit card debt, making it worthwhile. The minimum investment to use the credit card is $149, which is not ideal for small purchases.
  • You have six months to make all tire purchase payments. Fortunately, it includes deferred interest as long as the debt is paid in full within the specified time frame. But of course, you should always respect the minimum monthly payments to avoid paying charges on your purchase credit.