The Tires Plus Credit Card is a branded credit card that helps loyal Tires Plus customers save money and earn rewards, but is it the right card for you? Learn more about this card with the detailed information below, including interest rates and applicable fees.Tires-Plus-Credit-Card

If you have a Tires Plus credit card, you may want to register with the online services to manage your credit card easily. Customers with a credit card can log in at any time to make payments, check account balances, etc.

How To Make Your Tires Plus Credit Card Payment

There are three common ways to make a Tires Plus Credit Card payment today: online, over the phone, and by mail. Unfortunately, there is currently no way to pay for this card in the store.

Online payment: Therefore, the easiest and most convenient way to pay for your Tires Plus card is online. To do this, you must follow the Tires Plus credit card registration steps above and access your credit card account online. From there, you can make a payment.


By phone: Another way to pay for your Tires Plus card is by phone. In that case, you should call 800-321-3950 and ask the carrier to pay your credit card. Then just follow the operator’s instructions. Please note, however, that a fee may apply for this service.

By mail: Finally, you can also send your payment by post. To do this, you must provide all necessary information about your account and send payment to the following address:

  • Credit first, N.A.
  • DUST. Box 81344
  • Cleveland, Ohio 44188-0344.

You can even pay your Tires Plus credit card with a debit or credit card instead of a checking account for a non-refundable $4.95 processing fee. Credit or debit cards must be used over the phone to make payments.